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Salak Phet Temple, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Salak Phet Temple

Wat Salak Phet is a revered Buddhist temple known for its stunning architecture blending traditional Thai and Khmer influences, ornate decorations, ancient ruins from the Ayutthaya period, and serene natural surroundings. The temple complex features a grand main ubosot hall, sacred chedis, and spaces for meditation and spiritual reflection.

Visitors can immerse themselves in Thai Buddhist traditions by observing rituals like alms-giving, exploring the historical structures, and engaging with the local community. To have a meaningful experience, one should dress modestly, maintain reverence, follow proper etiquette, consider guided tours, and embrace opportunities to appreciate the cultural heritage and spiritual essence of this sacred site.

Pro Tip: No shorts or tank tops.

salak phet mangrove forest (Red Bridge), Inki Tattoo, Salak Phet, Koh Chang, Thailand

Salak Phet Mangrove Forest

The mangrove walkway or ‘red bridge’ is a path made by the government, which allows visitors to take a stroll through the protected mangrove forest. As you stroll along this enchanting path, you’ll reach a delightful halfway point. Here, prepare to be greeted by a breathtaking 360-degree panorama, a mesmerizing ‘sea of green’ stretching as far as the eye can see. And oh, those views! Across the mangroves, you’ll catch glimpses of majestic hills in the distance, with hardly a sign of civilization or development to interrupt the natural beauty. At the end of the path, you’ll come to a small platform overlooking the Salak Phet Bay.

Khiri Waterfall, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Kiri Phet Waterfall 

Looking for a relaxed hike surrounded by nature’s beauty? Well, look no further than Kiri Phet Waterfall! This hidden gem offers a perfect little trek through the forest, without any daunting climbs or steep steps to worry about.

On this leisurely stroll, you can expect to reach the first pool of water in about 20 minutes. Kiri Phet Waterfall has multiple layers that you can climb up and explore. Just remember to tread carefully on the rocks to avoid any slips or tumbles.

Before you embark on your adventure, it’s a good idea to check the season and rainfall. We wouldn’t want you hiking up to a dry pool, now would we? Once you reach the water, feel free to take a refreshing dip – it’s perfectly safe to swim in! Keep your eyes peeled, as you might even spot some tiny fish swimming alongside you.

Now, here’s a friendly heads-up for all you water enthusiasts: When you emerge from the water, be sure to check for any pesky leeches. Safety first, right?

So grab your hiking shoes and get ready for a delightful day at Kiri Phet Waterfall. It’s a serene retreat you won’t want to miss!

Wai Cheek Beach, Inki Tattoo, Salak Phet, Koh Chang, Thailand

Wai Chaek Beach

Koh Chang’s hidden gem of a beach, Wai Chaek, is an especially nice destination because it’s a little remote and takes some effort to get to.

Most people get there by boat or by riding in on a scooter. The road needs significant improvements as it is very broken in places, so take great care and it’s best not to go alone.

The beach itself is a firm favorite with campers. There are rudimentary facilities such as a small shop, fresh water, and camping spots.

The beach sports a lagoon which is fed with salt water and fresh water from the mountain; the swimming is sublime, and the nature and surroundings are completely unspoiled.

Pro Tip: Don’t walk or ride in alone, take sunscreen, water, and wear a hat.”

Altitude 79 Coffeshop, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Altitude 79 Coffee Shop

Have you heard about this charming coffee shop tucked away high on a hill overlooking Salakphet Bay? It’s a hidden gem where you can escape the hustle and bustle of civilization and soak in the tranquil beauty of nature. Picture this: just trees swaying gently, boats gliding across the bay, and a serene harbor in the distance – it’s pure bliss!

Once you step inside, you’ll be greeted by minimalistic wooden platforms that offer a wide, uninterrupted view of the lush forest. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy your favorite drink amidst breathtaking scenery.

Now, here’s a little heads-up: This coffee shop operates as a slow bar, so patience is key. 

Pro tip: If you’re aiming for a more peaceful experience, consider visiting on weekdays and avoiding weekends or holidays. That way, you can fully immerse yourself in the serenity of this tranquil space without the hustle and bustle of crowds or noisy children.

Salak Phet Seafood & Resort

Salak Phet Seafood, a family-friendly resort overlooking Salak Phet Bay, features a wooded platform restaurant known for its freshly caught seafood and panoramic views. Renowned for its exceptional freshness, guests can even select their own live fish from the holding nets. There are a few kinds of accommodation options including Seaview rooms and pool view rooms. Salak Phet Seafood & Resort, Koh Chang offers a comfortable, scenic retreat for families and seafood enthusiasts alike.

khao salak phet, Jungle Trekking, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Climb Khao Laem “Khao Salak Phet” / Jungle Trekking

Koh Chang offers excellent opportunities for jungle trekking, though few visitors venture into the island’s interior. The majority of tourists stick to the beach, snorkeling trips, and perhaps an elephant ride. One reason for the lack of trekkers is the absence of self-guided options.

Trekking in Koh Chang’s jungles allows you to experience the island’s stunning biodiversity and natural beauty up close. The trails wind through lush rainforests, past cascading waterfalls, and offer breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. Along the way, knowledgeable guides can point out fascinating flora and fauna, including colorful birds, monkeys, and if you’re lucky, glimpses of wildlife like exotic snakes or the elusive leopard cat.

Khao Laem, often incorrectly referred to as Khao Salak Phet, is the highest peak on the island. It’s 3.8 km from the starting point to the viewpoint near the summit, with an elevation gain of around 600 meters. If you choose to climb it, you’ll be rewarded with stunning 360-degree views of Koh Chang and the surrounding islands.

Embarking on a trek is a chance to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in Koh Chang’s pristine wilderness, creating memories that will last long after your tan has faded.

Pro Tip: Trekking in Koh Chang should always be done with a licensed local guide. The jungles have no marked trails, and it’s very easy to get lost if venturing out on your own. Guides know the terrain intimately and can ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. There are significant fines for hiking without a guide.

baan yemaya guesthouse, Inki Tattoo, Salak Phet, Koh Chang, Thailand<br />

Baan Yemaya Guesthouse

If you fancy a night or two in Salak Phet and wish to experience life in a genuine Thai fishing village, look no further than Baan Yemaya Guesthouse for an affordable and cozy stay. If you simply fancy a cold beer with a view, walk-ins are also welcome.

The host, Air, used to own the well-known O2 restaurant and is an excellent Thai cook. She is famous for her Massaman curry and also makes great Som Tam, Thai Green Curry, and Chicken with Cashew. Some of the ingredients are farm-to-table, and Air makes everything from scratch, including her own coconut milk.

Should you wish to learn a dish or two, she’ll happily arrange a cooking class for you or a group so you can enjoy delicious Thai food when you return home.

Pro Tip: Book ahead and give notice for any special food you want; Air can prepare seafood from the local fishermen if you give her notice.

Fisherman's Hut, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Fisherman’s Hut Viewpoint

Fisherman’s Hut boasts amazing views of Salak Phet Bay (Ao Salak Phet) and is the perfect spot for a cold beer. It truly shines around 5pm when the light is softer and more beautiful. Watch the hawks soar above, the fishermen come and go, and enjoy the vibe of a traditional Thai fishing village.

There is a selection of Thai and Scandinavian food available

Nanai Resort, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Nanai Resort

Nanai is a boutique resort situated on the banks of the Nanai River, boasting unadulterated views of nature. The location is sublime and peaceful, with many local birds and frogs to keep you company.

There’s no need to stay at the resort to enjoy it; you can simply drop in for a swim, food, and a drink. Nanai can also organize your kayaking or SUP adventures and offers boat trips to the surrounding islands.

Aoy's Bakery, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Aoy’s Little Farm & Bakery

Aoy’s is another excellent option for savoring delectable food and drinks while enjoying a picturesque view. Nestled conveniently near the Salak Phet Seafood parking area, a short walk leads you to this tranquil oasis. Aoy, a talented baker, delights guests with fresh and delicious creations daily, including exquisite cakes, flaky croissants, and decadent cheesecakes.

Complementing Aoy’s baked delights, her partner Eric focuses on crafting mouthwatering breakfasts, often incorporating homegrown ingredients, such as vine-ripened tomatoes, for a truly farm-to-table experience. Aoy’s offers a serene ambiance where you can indulge in European-style breakfast fare or savor Aoy’s sweet treats while taking in the stunning surroundings.

The Hornbill Camp, Panisa Scott Inki Tattoo Art Studio Wat Salak Phet

Hornbill Camp

Nestled deep in the heart of Koh Chang’s lush jungle interior lies Hornbill Camp, a simple campsite run by a local Thai couple. This secluded outpost, far from the resorts and crowds, offers adventurous travelers a chance to reconnect with nature. Visitors can pitch their tents and spend nights under a canopy of stars, surrounded by the symphony of the rainforest.

One of the main draws of Hornbill Camp is the opportunity to observe the magnificent hornbill birds in their natural habitat. These large, unique birds with their distinctive curved beaks are a protected species in Thailand. In the early morning light, guided birdwatching tours take you through the dense foliage where hornbill nests can be spotted high up in the trees. Despite its remote location, the camp provides basic amenities like running water and toilets, ensuring you can enjoy this wilderness experience in comfort. With no electricity, the nights are illuminated only by flickering lanterns and firelight, adding to the primal allure.